Friday, November 23, 2012

DCUO Art Dump DLC8-9

This is some of the work I have done in the past year. Most was used in game, others were experimental.


They were gracious enough to let me concept this my self. I was very proud at the time!

First re-skin I did for the game.

 Tileable Texture done in Zbrush

HA! This should be the center of my portfolio! I made this one piece of wood and it became the glue of an entire level! I was amazed at what the world builder made with that one piece. Hand painted!

7hr Anatomy Study
I am a little proud of is far from finished and actually anatomically incorrect around the shoulder and trap area...but this is much better than my previous anatomy study, which took me a week to do and looks extremely rigid and fake. It can be seen below.

Student Work (3D & 2D)

 Lagiacrus, Low Poly real time render

Clown, High Poly

 Ram Skull Study

JD  Low Ploy

Hand Study

Anatomy Study

Melrose Diner

Classroom Representation

Digital Paintings

Inspired by a screen shot from John Carter

 Personal concept for swamp resident

 Swamp personal concept

 Abandoned Bathroom personal concept

Squid Baby personal concept

Bob Marley personal caricature

Personal Concept



Digital Painting of Lion